Carmel School

Pastoral Care & Personal Development

At Carmel School we put considerable emphasis on excellent pastoral care.

In the Primary School class teachers and the Head of Primary take responsibility for the children’s welfare. Senior Primary students are also trained in peer mediation and support as part of their leadership training.

Students in the High School are allocated House and Mentor groups, with Mentors developing special relationships with students and their families through the High School years. They are the first port of call for advice, guidance or support and are supported by the Head of Secondary who takes overall responsibility for ensuring pastoral care is of the highest standard.

Our children benefit from a strong moral and ethical framework, helping them to grow up with a clear sense of values, learning to respect others and preparing them to engage in their community. At Carmel School, the basis for positive personal development and responsibility is achieved through instilling self-awareness, self-respect and self-discipline in students, enabling them to regulate their own behaviour rather than the School imposing control on them.

It is fundamental to the philosophy of the School to promote this ideal within an atmosphere of respect and understanding.

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