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Primary School: Years 2 - 6

  Carmel Primary School  realises the hopes and dreams of children with their personalised learning programme. The developmental programme aims to grow students who have a strong sense of who they are and are able to participate in society skilfully, creatively and successfully so that they are able to achieve their ambitions by pursuing their own pathway INDEPENDENTLY.

The demands of 21 Century Education are met by ensuring interpersonal skill development, thinking skill development and the integration of technology. The Primary School curriculum reflects the National Goals of Schooling in Australia, incorporating the eight key learning areas of the Curriculum Framework; (English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical & Health Education, the Arts, Enterprise & Technology and LOTE (languages other than English).)

Authentic sustained intervention by teams of educationists which include an on-site school psychologist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist or paediatric mental health therapist as well as off-site medical professionals ensure that all actions are well informed and targeted to facilitate the best possible outcome for each student.

Year K-6 function on a single campus at Carmel Primary School which ensures that the foundations laid in the Early Years Programme are built upon through Primary School. Early intervention strategies and ongoing programmes are structured and modified for specific learning or behavioural requirements and adjustments are made to honour the movement of the individual and dynamism of individual education.

How we grow the best possible “me” your child can be.

Creativity and problem solving: Active engagement and rich thought processes are encouraged through varied investigations, an awareness of individual interests and learning styles which feed into personalised learning and classroom differentiation.


Jewish Studies Programme which has an informal and formal education programme cultivates a clear sense of personal identity and belonging. There is close integration between Jewish and secular education, bringing the flavour of Judaism through much of the secular curriculum further enhancing the children’s Jewish identityThe knowledge, ritual and tradition rolled out to students at a level compatible with their individual levels of observance builds a secure baseline off which children operate to explore all aspects of their world.

Carmel Primary School is a  Learning Environment that  honours the practices of John Hattie. Learning is made visible to the students are assessment capable, understanding learning with the insight of the teacher, and the teachers view learning through the eyes of the students. The feedback and interaction with students is intentional and aims to validate the student; they remain enthused and engaged and progress, moving along the developmental continua.

Well equipped with state of the art technology, information communication technology is integrated purposefully within each learning area. Classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, desk top computers and mobile devices suited to the age and learing stage of the child. At all timescareful consideration is given to cybersafety, online health and wellbeing and interpersonal etiquette. The Primary School’s state-of-the-art computing centre further develops the movement of students from being IT active to IT savvy. Technology is used to enhance the teaching of literacy and numeracy in a way that ensures technical literacy, but never stifles creativity.

Transparent assessment and feedback enhances learning. All staff are highly skilled at using Hattie’s 4 levels of performance feedback and a 5 point scale in the form of A-E, level one to five or five descriptors ensures moderation, targeted progress and the maintenance of high standards across the school. These match with the Australian Curriculum achievement standards and enhance Visible Learning as teachers make learning intentions clear based on the achievement standards they are addressing.


The Positive Education or Positive Psychology advocated by Martin Seligman permeates the Carmel Primary School Approach to education via the Leader in Me Programme—Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Students are empowered from Kindy to understand themselves, set goals, move through steps their desired outcome. Simultaneously they grow their capacity to understand others and interact successfully in the best interests of synergy to ensure students learn to work with one another’s strengths within a growth mindset.

This Leader in Me Socio-emotional education works hand in hand with the academic programme and includes a focus on self-regulation and resilience to locate skills to overcome challenge, regain personal peace and composure and achieve a positive outcome. Self-regulation is the ability to manage your own energy states, emotions, behaviours and attention, in ways that are socially acceptable and help achieve positive goals, such as maintaining good relationships, learning and wellbeing. Mindfulness and self–management skill building are critical and students learn about maximising the third space; the space between two learning or social events in which one recognises personal positioning and adjusts to meet the requirements of what is to come.

School wide transition programmes further enhance student capacity and confidence as students are purposefully prepared when anticipating changes from one year to the next or one campus to the next as with the High School induction programme across Years 5 and 6 to facilitate successful movement into the Secondary Campus.. When anxiety and insecurity are diminished success is more easily attained.

Carmel Primary School remains committed to the Parents and Partners approach. Communication between leadership, teachers, parents and students is paramount, open and constant. Shared understandings are facilitated by 24/7 contact between educators, parents and students. Through ongoing education seminars and efficient communication networks it is ensured that the whole school speaks one language. Information is tracked, recorded confidentially and aims to further the best interests of the child.

Opportunities abound for all as a most exciting menu of co-curricular activities abound within the school day and after hours. Visual and Performing Arts are a highlight of Primary School life. All classes enjoy a wide range of Art activities, Dance instruction and Drama workshops. Competition gymnastics is a growing centre of interest and the Carmel Choir is bursting at the seams. Performing and public speaking are an integral part of Carmel Primary School life and assemblies, concerts, dramatic performances, debating and public speaking competitions all provide opportunities for our students to enhance their skills in these areas. Additionally interschool sporting opportunities, fitness workshops, coding clubs, robotics and technology workshops, sustainability and gardening clubs and homework clubs ensure that all every need of the students is catered for.

We develop the best Me your child can be by realising                                                  

The Leader in Me.

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