Eliana has lived and thrived in quite a few places over the past 12 years. Born in Melbourne, Eliana and her family moved to Israel where she lived for 7 years before moving to Perth. Eliana is proud of her bilingualism, speaking, reading and writing both English and Hebrew with fluency and accuracy.

Eliana always sees the good in people and likes to be ‘Dan le Kav Zchut’ – giving people the benefit of the doubt and building relationships of trust and acceptance.

For her Bat Mitzvah, Eliana gave a Dvar Torah on Parshat Eikev and family and friends celebrated with a special ‘Carlebach" davening’ on Friday night at PHC.

Eliana loves to read Harry Potter (Ginny is her favourite character!) and she plays a lot of sport, just like her dad!

We wish Eliana and the whole Singer family a big Mazal Tov on Eliana’s Bat mitzvah and we know that she will continue to be a source of nachas for everyone here in the Perth community.