The Year 11 students were the beneficiaries of our partnership with the Paraplegic Benefit Fund of Western Australia this week. They had Rob Pyke share his story, which was both thought provoking and emotion for our students. As an 18 year old Rob and several of his mates made a series of poor decisions – truancy, driving motor vehicles above the speed limit and failing to adjust their driving habits to the conditions (rain / road conditions etc). This resulted in Rob loosing three close mates and both of his legs in an horrific accident. Rob’s message to our students is around making good decisions and listening to your inner voice when it tells you that things just aren’t right. Rob urged our students to have conversations about ‘what is ok’ and ‘what is not ok’ when you are in the car together. Consider noise levels, distractions (mobile phones), risk taking, peer pressure etc. Essentially, 20 seconds of madness has had a huge impact on his life and the lives of so many other people.


We thank Rob for sharing his story and for challenging our young men and women to be considered and responsible in the way they approach the use of a motor vehicle. We also thank the Silbert family for their ongoing support of this program. Together we aim to impact positively on the decision making of our youth.


Mr Hall.