Jordan Foster from ySafe, completed online safety information sessions with all Primary School year groups at the end of June. She showed students handy hints on how to keep safe online and more importantly helped them recognise how to know if they felt unsafe.

By the end of their session the students could tell Jordan how they keep themselves safe in the real world and then how they keep themselves safe in the online world.

They also rehearsed the responses they would give to the internet” bad guy” and what they might do if they were worried about something that occurred online.

A particularly valuable parent education session followed on from these classes. Jordan highlighted a key take home point: during your parent child discussion always reassure your child that if they ever tell you something that took place online that bothered them or wasn’t going well they would not shut down their activity online or take their device away, but would rather support their child with any challenges they were facing. We follow the same approach at the School.

Carmel School supports students in using online platforms safely and effectively and we are delighted to have engaged with our parent body as critical partners in this process.